What size iPhone do I have?

Step 1 - Find your model number

You can find this by looking in your settings or by looking at your device.

Look in settings

Go to settings>General>About. You will see Model Name, there you should see what model iPhone you have. You can also use the Model Number to locate what iPhone size you have.


Step 2 - Identify your iPhone size

 Put in your model number in the box provided and click enter. You will then be directed to a new page with all cases in your iPhone size!

Welcome to the Graffittibox.

GRAFFITTIBOX brand specializes in manufacturing high-end electronic product accessories brand. Taking fashion as the leading factor, injecting trendy, simple, and atmospheric elements to give customers a new visual experience and application experience. Unique and perfect products create fun. We have our own professional design team, world-leading production technology, and critical and demanding quality standards to ensure that each of our products can be perfectly presented in the hands of users. We strive to make all the teams, distributors, and users of GRAFFITTIBOX products work together to experience the exquisiteness and beauty of life!

Have a cup of coffee. Chat with design.

"GRAFFITTIBOX is a brand that's willing to be a part of the conversation and take risks creatively."


- We take everyday boring items and – with a bit of magic and extreme imagination – turn them into lifestyle & fashion accessories you’ll be psyched to wear.
- We add a pinch of sunshine to a cloudy day. Paint a sunflower on a winter canvas. Extract the purest feeling of freedom and combine it with a fierce desire for perfection.
- In other words, we go the extra mile to make you look & feel absolutely out of this world!
- Dive into the world of GRAFFITTIBOX — a world of fashion, chique, and jaw-dropping aesthetics. Whatever your destination, we’ll help you get there in style.

What is the meaning of the name GRAFFITTIBOX to you?

The whole name of GRAFFITTIBOX is GRAFFITTIBOX. We love simple colors, discovering things, observing its beauty and color. We are also a group of explorers who are passionate about art. Through simple art and rich design concepts, we integrate them into every great work.

What was the biggest challenge working on the rebranding project?

Sometimes the simplest design is often the hardest. But in this case, the GRAFFITTIBOX's team didn't have to say it--we knew this is what we ultimately all wanted, regardless of how hard this was going to be. We spent many hours distilling designs down to their simplest forms. Hundreds of design concepts edited down to just a few directions.

Another challenge was to keep the brand feel spirited, fun, and energetic without making it feel too juvenile. We wanted to make sure we expressed GRAFFITTIBOX’s energy, but also reference that it is tapped into fashion, culture and trends. That’s where the finesse comes in.

Our Beliefs

We have an excellent team organization. "Making the best product quality and serving customers" is our tenet. We realize you can and should expect more from your tech accessories. We’ve seen cases that are beautifully crafted but offer no protection, and cases that are perfectly protective but horribly ugly. We know we shouldn't settle for less. Since then our product range has grown considerably and we have applied our design and engineering approach to more technical accessories.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

GRAFFITTIBOX provides a "30-day unconditional return or exchange" policy for all orders